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Web Design Agency Macclesfield, Cheshire. … Drupal is a flexible open-source CMS (content management system) that is often the preferred choice of medium …

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Web Design Agency Macclesfield, Cheshire. … We Specialize in WordPress, Magento, Drupal website development, design and maintenance. Our Search …

Drupal Development Agency | Website | Cheshire Online ... › website-development › drupal

Web Design Agency Macclesfield, Cheshire. … Drupal is a flexible open-source CMS (content management system) that is often the preferred choice of medium …

What is SEO

What is SEO

SEO is the strategic process that a website uses to rank high in search engine results for specific services or products.

This covers a multitude of areas that need to be addressed so that when the search engines crawl your website, it easily accesses the information needed to help you rank when a customer types in specific keywords or phrases to find products or services.

It includes not only things a website can do internally to improve its ranking, but also externally on other websites,” in a nutshell it’s the tactics of search engine marketing (SEM), that focuses on the marketing of a website.

Search engines use Spiders, Indexing and Algorithm’s to find websites.

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On Page SEO

Quality relevant content focusing on optimised keywords, combined with a good user experience.


Off Page SEO

Good content will often get other people in your industry to link back to your website. This will allow the search engines to score you highly as relevant 3rd party websites in your sector are effectively giving your website the thumbs up.

Engaging Content

Content isn’t just text, it can come in many forms Graphics, Images, Video’s and illustrations are commonly used to give the customer a better user experience.

Link Building

One of many essential part of the process, we look at how to generate Backlinks from trusted websites with high domain authority to improve strength of your domain/website.

We take a look at how your competitors are generating quality links and look to see how improvements can be made to make you stand out with the search engine algorithms.

Website Design

On Page SEO

Link Building



Social Media


Guest Bloggers

Off page SEO

Link Building



Social Media


Guest Bloggers

SEO is a complex process

but it doesn't have to be rocket science, a strategic plan can take away many headaches, and help the website perform to its best ability. You service a car.... why wouldnt you service your website to make its engine run sweeter


Page loading speed

Lever browser caching

Media optimisation

Resolution assessing

Javascript/CSS/HTML optimisation 

Local SEO

Google my business

Bing Places


Page Speed

The technical design of a website is very important as it can affect page load speeds, additional content added over time if not optimised correctly can also increase the time it takes to open a page. Slow performing pages will score negatively with Googles algorithm.

Other things like plugins can also cause bloat and have the same affect so having a maintenance plan in place can keep your website optimised for speed.

Website Development

UX (user experience)

Through analytics you can track the experience your audience is experiencing to help make constant improvements to the website.

Google tracks if your visitors are having a good experience and now uses this as a ranking factor for search.


The technical name for this is a secure socket layer, but to me, you and the customer its the green padlock that shows your a safe and secure website to do business with.

Essential for the modern day website.

Data capture and performance

So your website is live and the phones are ringing, Brilliant!!! lets not let all that hard work be wasted, monitor and report on the areas of performance regularly with the following tools.

Google Analytics integration 

Google Webmaster Tools 

Bing Webmaster Tools

Heat-mapping software

PPC Agency

Google Core updates

In the early days, Google only made a few updates to its algorithms. Now, Google makes hundreds if not thousands of changes each year. 

the majority of them are so small they go completely unnoticed. However, when the search engine rolls out major algorithmic updates like below they significantly impact the SERPs (search engine result pages):


  Panda   Update

keyword spamming


Penguin Update

link farms


Mobile Friendly

mobile responsive websites


  BERT   Update

natural language processing

Social Media is a ranking factor
Are your social channels on brand and pushing out relevant compelling content?
More importantly is it pushing its audience back to the website to convert into customers
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Get your products and services in front of your ideal audience

Facebook Marketing

Not only will we manage your Facebook adverts in a financially beneficial way, we can help you target your most appropriate demographic to generate more sales
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Get notified when your customers need your products and services

Twitter Marketing

We can monitor brand, product or service mentions to help you generate potential business opportunities across twitter at the time the customer is looking
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Showcase your products in front of one of the fastest growing platforms

Instagram Marketing

One of the fastest growing social platforms over the past few years, Instagram has become the ideal platform for showcasing your products through this image focused platform
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Build your professional network and link with key decision makers

Linkedin Marketing

Display adverts, sponsored content and direct emails can help get your products and services directly in front of key decision makers and nurture potential future business
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Maybe you might be looking for other ways to stand out online

Web Design

Multiple Platforms

Social Media

online Engagement


VPS + Unlimited Storage


graphic design


Online Shopping


VPS + Unlimited Storage

Content Marketing

Video / Image / Text


your company Identity
You managed to get this far

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