Website Design

Website Design

Website Design

Understanding the strategy behind website design is a crucial element when creating a new website.

With this in mind, we set up an onboarding meeting so as your web design agency, we fully understand your objectives and what you are trying to achieve.

By assessing analytical data, the market and your customer’s trends so that we can define KPI’s (key performance indicators) together, to deliver a website design that will get results.

Effective Website Design

Website Design

This allows us to put together a technical specification to build the website that will include: 


Front-end functionality 

Back-end functionality 


Browser compatibility 

Device compatibility 

The website development team then create a wireframe that we test for user journey and user experience.

This will ensure that your website traffic have a positive experience to find the products or services that they are searching the web for. 

Once we are confident that the site architecture is right, we can then move forward to the design and development stage where the project really starts to come alive. 

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"I ve been looking at improving my online presence, but where do I start?"
Simple..... get in touch and tell one of our specialists what you want to achieve, and we will offer the best advice to help you meet your goals.
"Im overwhelmed by the editing of my website. I wish it was easier"
Our CMS (Content Management Systems) are designed with the back end user in mind. It has been specifically designed so that someone with very little computer skills can easily upload images, videos and content with drag and drop functionality.
"Ive already got a website, why do I need a new one?"
You may not need a new one if the technology behind it is good and upto date. Our team of developers can audit the website for you and advise you of their findings.
"My website isnt bringing any customers in"
A common story that we hear very often, websites can often look great but if they are not optized to work effectively across different devices and the search engines, you won't get the right quality traffic that can convert. We offer a free SEO audit and feed this information back to you so you have a clearer picture of what is wrong.
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Our 7 Step Web Design Process

Most of our customers are not web experts or coders. With this in mind our Macclesfield based web design team have developed a very simple process.

It helps people understand the process we go through when creating a website for your business.

Design Stage

The design is very important as it needs to look appealing to your potential customers, it needs to be easy to navigate to each web page, and it must showcase your brand. 

We are more than happy to provide a few different examples of styles of both the homepage and the product/service pages of the website, highlighting different ideas and functions for you to choose from.


Development Stage

Once we have sign off on the style and design, we start to develop the new website.

We pull together your preferred style, design and functions to deliver you a product that you are not only proud to own, but more than happy to show to the world.

Testing Stage

Before launch we test the new website on different browsers and devices ensuring it is compatible with all the latest technology.

Once all bugs and glitches are ironed out, we pass the website back to you for final amends before signing it off as ready to go live. 

Go Live SEO

All websites are launched with what we call standard go live SEO which covers: 

Alt text 

Title Tags 

Meta Descriptions 

Google Analytics integration 

Google & Bing Webmaster Tools 

Social Media Integration 

Additional heatmapping software should it be required 

Web Design

With all vigorous checks completed, we then launch your stunning newly designed website. Your website has a free 6 month warranty including maintenance and updates as part of our hosting agreement.

After that maintenance contracts can be put in place or training provided for you to look after this in-house. 

CMS Training

As part of the launch process we offer full CMS training to members of your staff that will be updating the website on your behalf. It is essential that they know how to operate the back end of the CMS to keep adding valuable content to help support you with the search engines. 

Benefits of Modern Website Design

Responsive Design

Users no longer use the website primarily through desktops, with tablets and mobile browsing being mainstream we ensure our sites are 100% responsive

User Friendly

With website design trends having become less focused on cramming information in your face, the modern website now focuses on structure, user interface and user experience as a focus

Make changes easy

Learn the basics and a bit beyond, from zero knowledge and skill to the master of your own website, the interfaces we use are beginner friendly and give you all the tools needed to make improvements at the click of a button

Content Management Systems we typically work with:

Choose your website design platform……WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Craft, Concrete5

Maybe you might be looking for other ways to stand out online

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graphic design


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Content Marketing

Video / Image / Text


your company Identity
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Why not drop us a message with any questions you may have about our website design service.