Drupal Website Development

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a flexible open source CMS (content management system) that is often the preferred choice of medium to large organisations along with government bodies.

The web platform provides a modular design approach which allows features to be added and removed with relative ease.

It also allows the entire look and feel of your website to be changed by the installation of themes.

Drupal’s base code, also known as Drupal Core, contains all of the PHP scripts that are needed to run the basic CMS functionality.

There are also several optional themes, modules that support it and along with an array of JavaScript, CSS, and image assets.

Just some of the Drupal services we can provide for you:

  • Full installation and configuration on our dedicated server solutions
  • Full design and development
  • Custom design and development
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Full maintenance and after care services
Drupal Development

If your business requires a more robust website that has the requirements for many different functions, then Drupal could well be the best suited platform.

It is often a high-end website developer’s first choice, as the platform has many more integrations, modes and PHP scripts than most platforms.

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