Linkedin has become the most effective social media platform that B2B marketers engage with influencers and decision makers. Raise awareness through the use of native ads, Through comprehensive targeting options you can now tell exactly the audience you choose about your brand, products and services.

Build relationships

Start meaningful conversations and drive engagement with prospects, relating to your company’s content and upcoming events.

Drive leads

Content marketing captures the attention of highly engaged people – so this is a proven way to help drive leads to your sales team through lead generation forms.

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  • Deliver company’s updates to more people and attract new followers

  • Reach a targeted audience with comprehensive targeting options

  • Deliver to multiple devices: desktop, tablet, and mobile

LinkedIn | Cheshire Online
LinkedIn | Cheshire Online
  • Set a specific budget and choose from either cost per click or cost per impression
  • Use Direct Sponsored Content
  • Track the number of leads you're getting from your ads on LinkdIn
  • Seamlessly generate more leads with pre-filled Lead generation forms

Text Ads

  • Target the professional audience you want your Text advert to reach

  • Create ads with relative ease

  • Set a specific budget – no contracts or long-term commitments

  • Only pay for the ads that are successful – Pay Per Click or per impression

  • Track the leads you're generating from your ads on LinkedIn with conversion tracking

LinkedIn Text Advertising
LinkedIn Display Advertising

Display Ads

  • Advertise at scale: Scale your display programs on LinkedIn with auction-based pricing and real-time purchasing across open and private LinkedIn auctions.

  • Engage customers based on professional identity and intent: Precisely target high-value customers, website visitors, or LinkedIn audiences using your own data or LinkedIn programmatic audience segments.

  • Get real-time reporting insights: Measure and optimize your LinkedIn display advertising campaigns in real time using the same programmatic tools that you use to manage your spend across the web.

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