Almost everyone with a website has heard about Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO. But what exactly does it mean?

SEO is the strategic process that a website uses to rank highly in search engine results for specific services, products.

“SEO includes not only things a website can do internally to improve its ranking, but also externally on other websites.”

In a nutshell, SEO is the tactics of search engine marketing (SEM), that focuses on the marketing of a website. This is an essential part of the process involved, for making your website visible to your ideal online audience.

SEO can dramatically impact a business, but realistically ranking higher equals more traffic and not necessarily more sales.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is what focuses on turning the traffic that the SEO work has generated into enquiries or sales.

The benefits of good quality SEO take time (several months or even years) to have a lasting impact.

So we look at not only the short-term wins, but ensure the website is successful in years to come too.


Focussing on optimised keywords and usage, image alt tags, title tags smart internal linking, good URL structuring, page segmenting, quality relevant content and HTML source code combined with a good user experience.


Good content will often get other people in your industry to link back to your website. This will allow the search engines to score you highly as relevant 3rd party websites in your sector are effectively giving your website the thumbs up.

Link Building

Link Building

One of many essential parts of the SEO process, we look at how to generate backlinks from trusted websites with high domain authority to improve strength of your own domain/website.

We take a look at how your competitors are generating quality links (through Directories for example) and look to see how improvements can be made to make you stand out with search engine algorithms.

Technical SEO

  • Title Tags

  • Meta Data

  • Image Optimisation

  • URL Structuring

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Local SEO

Local SEO

Many businesses only work within a certain area, Focus on driving traffic to areas you service or supply.

View monthly traffic reports to see that you have a good conversion when it comes to visitors/enquiries,

We help your business focus on getting your products and services to people that are in your main catchment area.

This doesn’t have to be over complicated and simple wins can come from:

  • Citation Link building – Featuring you on localized online directories.

  • Google Places – Letting the search engines know that you are there.

  • Location page – Having a location page lets people know exactly where you are.

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