Google PPC (Pay Per Click)

If you've ever used Google you'll have seen some PPC (pay per click) advertising, but you may not have even realised!

Search for practically anything on Google and look closely at the top results. You'll notice that they have a small green "Ad" by them, meaning those businesses are paying to be prominently displayed near the top of Google.

The great thing about PPC advertising is, as the name suggests, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.

Google Adwords

So with a well built campaign you can ensure that you're only paying for quality, qualified visitors to your site. PPC advertising is also quick to set up, so if you have a new product or service you want to promote it's a superb way to let people know about it.

Some people worry about PPC because of the cost involved, however you are fully in control of what you want to spend.

You set a daily budget and decide the maximum you're willing to pay for a click, and you'll be able to see exactly what your money is being spent on.

Bing Adwords

Bing PPC

Whilst Google is the most well known search engine, Bing is still able to claim about 10% of UK searches each month.

Whilst this doesn't sound like a lot it still equates to millions of searches a month, and that could well be people looking for businesses like yours.

As Bing is less popular than Google it means it's cheaper to advertise on too, so we normally see lower conversion costs when compared to Google PPC.

We normally recommend a blended approach to our clients, investing in both AdWords and Bing then letting our in-house experts optimise your accounts to get you the best results over time.

Display advertising

Having adverts show in search results isn't the only way Google allows you to reach potential customers. You can also use the Display network (the ads you see on websites when you travel around the web) to reach a huge number of Google users, even when they haven't actively searched for your business.

The Display network can also be used with remarketing, where you can show adverts to people that have previously visited your site.

This can create the impression of you not only being a huge business, but also help build trust as people continue to see you brand even after they've left your site.

With many businesses customers to not purchase or get in contact immediately, so remarketing is an amazing way to keep your business in their mind whilst they're in the decision process.

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