Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t just text, it can come in many forms including images, graphics, video content and illustrations.

These are all commonly used to give the customer a better user experience.

Some examples include:

  • Video case studies from both staff and customers allow prospective clients get a feel for what the business is really like.

  • Infographics that explain visually how a process works.

  • Imagery - A picture can often say a thousand words so the saying goes.

Providing a good user experience means the customer is more likely they are to come back.

This creates the opportunity for them to enquire about your products and services, and they are more likely to recommend you.

Creating engaging content marketing material can often set you aside from the competition.

Times are changing, and 'Rich media' Is leading the way

Why Content Marketing is important

With the growth of Social Media in our every-day lives, people now have access to imagery and video content.

This gives them a quicker, easier, more entertaining and enjoyable experience.

With this in mind Google has recently changed its algorithms so they are judging the customers experience on your website.

It now captures data on how long, how many pages and how they interact with the website.

Content Marketing Strategy

So it has never been more important than it is currently to give your audience an engaging experience when they visit the website.

This content is now an essential part of the ranking factors that deter if you are ranked above or below the competition for relative search terms.

Cheshire Online & our partners can work with you to generate engaging content that will get your customers interested in your brand, services and products.

Helping you to drive both engagement and sales.

See what Cheshire Online can do for the future of your business