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Benefits of Pay Per Click

Benefits of Pay Per Click

As a PPC Agency we advise using pay per click advertising as an effective marketing strategy designed to drive relevant traffic to your website based on the keywords or key-phrases that you are u.

if the adverts have positive click through rates, it can also have a positive affect on the websites organic listings as Google rewards positive rankings with stronger online visibility.

Rank quickly

Get your brand, products and services in front of your potential clients in record time

Measure & track Results

See performance details including impressions, clicks, and conversions

Collect Data

Data for keywords can be used to build your SEO strategy and content marketing

Google Shopping

Google Shopping adverts often appear above all organic rankings and have the image and price of the product so the customer can see what your product looks like and how much it costs before they have click the link to visit the website.

Utilising the Google display network is a great way to advertise your products and services on other websites. You bid on the keywords and key-phrases in the same way you do with Google ads. 

Using the services of a PPC Agency can help you deliver strong results.

"I ve been looking at improving my online presence, but where do I start?"
Simple..... get in touch and tell one of our specialists what you want to achieve, and we will offer the best advice to help you meet your goals.
"Im overwhelmed by the editing of my website. I wish it was easier"
Our CMS (Content Management Systems) are designed with the back end user in mind. It has been specifically designed so that someone with very little computer skills can easily upload images, videos and content with drag and drop functionality.
"Ive already got a website, why do I need a new one?"
You may not need a new one if the technology behind it is good and upto date. Our team of developers can audit the website for you and advise you of their findings.
"My website isnt bringing any customers in"
A common story that we hear very often, websites can often look great but if they are not optized to work effectively across different devices and the search engines, you won't get the right quality traffic that can convert. We offer a free SEO audit and feed this information back to you so you have a clearer picture of what is wrong.
Multimedia Marketing

Get up to date PPC progress reports

Monthly reports are provided highlighting the cost per click and gives you a clear ROI on your ad spend.

Managed PPC campaigns

Don’t have the time to research, bid and create adverts for your products?

Our team can take away all that hassle by paying a monthly management fee.

A PPC (pay per click) Agency is not just Google & Bing

Social Media Advertising produces outstanding results


Get your products and services in front of your ideal audience

Facebook Marketing

Not only will we manage your Facebook adverts in a financially beneficial way, we can help you target your most appropriate demographic to generate more sales
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Get notified when your customers need your products and services

Twitter Marketing

We can monitor brand, product or service mentions to help you generate potential business opportunities across twitter at the time the customer is looking
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Showcase your products in front of one of the fastest growing platforms

Instagram Marketing

One of the fastest growing social platforms over the past few years, Instagram has become the ideal platform for showcasing your products through this image focused platform
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Build your professional network and link with key decision makers

Linkedin Marketing

Display adverts, sponsored content and direct emails can help get your products and services directly in front of key decision makers and nurture potential future business
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Web Design

Multiple Platforms

Social Media

online Engagement


VPS + Unlimited Storage


graphic design


Online Shopping


VPS + Unlimited Storage


search engine optimisation


your company Identity
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